Why on-demand shopping is better than the real thing

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Youll never forget the early days of the internet: The bad graphics, the slow speeds, and that trademark dial-up sound.

If you had a fast enough modem to get online within an hour of logging on, you knew the peak of online shopping was paying too much money for used books or losing a bidding war on vintage sunglasses to some jerk on the other side of the world.

Now, 51 percent of Americans shop online, with a staggering 67 percent of millennials saying they prefer shopping on the internet as opposed to in-stores. Suffice it to say, if youre not buying online youre in the minority.

With websites popping up all over the place and giving us the instant satisfaction of on-demand service, theres less and less of a reason to walk into brick and mortar stores aside from enjoying the air conditioning on hot days. Here are some ways on-demand shopping is benefiting you, the consumer.

Youll save money

Consider this, extreme coupon-ers: buying your clothes online can save you money, and make you money simultaneously. According to Readers Digest, adding extensions from rebate sites onto your browser puts money back into your pocket with every purchase you make. It may take a few shopping sprees before you see the effect take place, but before you know it, the change adds up and youre the proud new owner of a $20 bill.

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No more lines at the grocery store

Were fairly sure you understand the mechanics of buying groceries from the comfort of your couch, but lets just drive it home: No more lines. On-demand grocery shopping is the antidote to the epidemic that is long lines. Unless youre dealing with a communal computer sort of situation, youll find that theres no easier way to buy groceries than from your laptop or phone.

Alongside having the freedom to peruse cereal and vegetables at your own pace, most websites list their current deals in an impossible-to-miss color that saves you the trouble of digging through your pocket for coupons. The delivery windows are usually anywhere from a few hours to a day. Not too shabby unless youre out of toilet paper, that is.

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Peace of mind comes free

So, you just shaved half your face when a stray sneeze sends your razor into the toilet. Yikes. In a previous life, you wouldve had to go out into the wild (with half a shaved face, mind you) and wait in line with a razor in your still wet hands. Now, things are different, because you decided to subscribe to a service like Gillette On Demand and have an arsenal of backup razors under your sink. Basically foolproof when it comes to shaving, and ensuring your skin meets only the freshest blades.

It’s insanely easyto order, too: Sign up, choose the blade you want, and get razors delivered to your door starting at $1 per blade. What we love about Gillette is that they allow customers to order refills via text, which is a foolproof method of ensuring you dont run out of blades. Plus, when you subscribe, you get every fourth order for free. Peace of mind and a clean face: What a time to be alive.

Forget about those impulse purchases

Stores are designed to trick you. From placing cheap sweets near the register to using phony promotions to make you think youre saving money, the main objective of a retail store is to have you spend as much money on their product as possible.

While this obviously doesnt ring true for every store out there, you still have a lot more control when conducting your shopping online. Did the siren call of a pair of half-price shorts inspire you to click add to cart? All you have to do is exit out of the window and walk away to clear your head. Compare that to shelling out $150 for those cute sale-price jeans and feeling the sting of regret when youre halfway home.

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No more cars

Theres the obvious benefit of bypassing an annoying drive every time you want to go to the store, but what about on-demand cars? Regardless of whether or not you designate ride-share services as online shopping, youre technically buying a ride from the internet.

There are myriad benefits to car services that you cant get from owning or renting a car: Less money, no parking tickets, and freedom from the anxiety of being responsible for thousands of dollars worth of metal. We live in a time where you can have a car at your beck and call within minutes of saying Hey, I dont want to walk to work today.

With shopping getting easier with time, one cant help but wonder what the next step is in the on-demand game. With Gillette leading the charge through order-by-text, you can relish the fact that you’ll never have to wait in line to shave again.

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