Jason Momoas Message To Two Fishermen Who Cut Off Sharks Tail And Released It Back To The Sea Goes Viral

Disturbing footage has emerged from a fishing boat off the coast of Greenland, showing two young fishermen gleefully hacking off a defenseless shark’s tail, before throwing it back out to sea while shouting “Good luck trying to swim, you punk!” Jason Momoa has recently made a comment on it and his response has gone viral. Image credits: Greenland shark, which is the world’s longest living vertebrate species. These large, gentle sharks do not attack humans and can live as long as 400 years old; they are currently listed as ‘ Image credits: Christel Johr Johansen was the first to draw attention to the video which has since gone viral, and been brought to the attention of authorities. Aquaman himself, Jason …

Finland’s SDP tries to build coalition after narrow election win

Social Democrats come top for first time in 20 years and likely to keep nationalist Finns party out of government Finlands Social Democrats will try to form a coalition government after Finns in Sweden and AfD, Danish Peoples Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific