The culture cure: how prescription art is lifting people out of depression| Helen Russell

From singing in a group to being read to in a library, participation in the arts is having amazing results among a pilot group, says journalist Helen Russell In a whitewashed studio in northern Denmark, 11 unemployed strangers are embarking on a hearty rendition of Yellow Submarine. Jonas Thryse is not one of them. At least, not yet. The 36-year-old has agoraphobia, rarely leaves the house and cant think of anything worse than a group singalong. And yet by the second chorus he is putty in the choirmasters hands. I swore Id just stand at the back and listen, he says. But the mood was infectious. Out of work and in his second year of sick leave because of anxiety …

Finland’s SDP tries to build coalition after narrow election win

Social Democrats come top for first time in 20 years and likely to keep nationalist Finns party out of government Finlands Social Democrats will try to form a coalition government after Finns in Sweden and AfD, Danish Peoples Original Article : HERE ; This post was curated & posted using : RealSpecific