Pink & Carey Hart Have Been In Couples Counseling For Nearly 17 Years & It’s The ‘Only Reason’ They’re Still Together! – Perez Hilton

Breaking the stigma of counseling, therapy, and mental health — one pop star at a time!!

Pink is opening up about her couples counseling journey with husband Carey Hart, and we truly dig her honesty. During an interview with Carson Daly on the Today show Friday, the Get This Party Started singer detailed her marital secret, and it’s all about therapy.

She shared:


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“Carey and I have been in couple’s counseling almost our entire 17 years we’ve been together. It’s the only reason we’re still together.”

She went on, talking about how they operate differently in their relationship:

“… He speaks Polish, I speak Italian and she [our therapist] speaks both. We do not speak the same language…We come from broken families and we had no model of how are we supposed to keep this family together and live this crazy life? And there’s no model. There’s no book that says, ‘Here’s how to do this.’ So we go to counseling and it works.”

THIS is so healthy!

Pink also went on to discuss mental health as a whole, and how important it is to de-stigmatize getting help for overall maintenance:

“I think I’m hopeful that the taboo of it is going away because more and more people are talking about it. I think talking about it is the most important thing. I know anxiety is like the number one thing that kids now are going through. Like for us, for my generation, I feel like it was depression and suicide. And suicide is super prevalent still, but now it’s like it comes from a place of anxiety. And I get that. I fully understand that.”

It’s especially important to set a good example for her kids as well — 7-year-old Willow and 2-year-old Jameson.

Pink and Carey love to spend quality time with their children on tour. They even have dinner together before shows! / (c) Pink/Instagram

And that’s likely why she’s decided to share less about her children online. The performer would never want to add anxiety AND people are very cruel on the internet.

In a recent chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Pink divulged:


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“I understand people saying, ‘You need to be more careful because you are in the public eye and you should of thought of that.’ And they’re right. But there’s a nicer way to say that. There’s a kind way to be online. And I’m open to kindness.”

Be kind, always!

Watch a clip of the Carson interview (below)!

Thoughts on Pink’s ideals about mental health and self-love?? Let us know how you’re taking care in the comments!

[Image via Pink/Instagram]

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