Keep your eyes on the road with this Kickstarter AR hit

Image: hudway 

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Cars have made a lot of technological progress over the last 20 years. They can speak multiple languages, function as internet hot spots, and even star in their own Pixar franchise. But theres one basic thing they still havent mastered: limiting distracted driving.

Whether youre using your cars built-in navigation system or a smartphone app like Waze, these screens are notorious for diverting your attention and forcing you to look away. But what are you supposed to do? Youre addicted. Driving to Waffle House without turn-by-turn directions is simply not an option!

Fortunately, theres a new way to navigate: Heads-Up Displays (HUDs).These transparent AR displays like the Kickstarter success,HUDWAY Glass, superimpose crystal-clear driving directions on top of the real world so you can easily navigate without taking your eyes off the road. Its like Pokemon Go but all the adorable monsters have been replaced by driving directions:

The HUDWAY Glass has a 20 percent larger display than your phone, so its perfect for displaying extra information like your speed and fuel consumption.

It also works with every smartphone and HUD navigation app so youre not stuck pledging your loyalty to one company. The HUDWAY Glass even includes several free promo codes so you can try out a variety of HUD apps and see which one you prefer. Try out this affordable tool in the Mashable Shop today for just $49.95.

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