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How to Configure your Sign Up Form in Aweber
Hello. Welcome and thank you for choosing this course. In this video, I am going to show you how to configure your sign up form in Aweber. First of all, you will need to know how to create a signup form in Aweber, because you need the form to capture the leads in your squeeze page. So, how to create a sign up form can be said to be one of the most important parts that you can’t miss out on.
When you are in your Aweber user panel, you will see the ‘Sign Up Forms’ button on the top menu bar. Click on it and wait for it to load.
It will then lead you to this page. You will see a ‘Create A Sign Up Form’ button at the right side of the page. Click on it.
Once the page has loaded, you can start to design your sign up form. Choose one of the templates provided and customize it according to the theme of your squeeze page. Usually, I will go to the popular tab to look for template.
And then, choose one that suits your theme. In this case, I am going to choose the orange one as my example. You can customize it or use it as it is. However, usually I will choose to customize it and make it as simple as possible. I will disable the other fields, and keep only the fields for name and email. This way, people will not be distracted by the other complicated fields. They can put their focus on opting in their email address.
If you choose to disable the other fields, firstly, look at the top menu bar in the box. Disable the ‘Header’, ‘Footer’, ‘Privacy’, and ‘Powered’.
It will lead you to the settings page. Edit your form’s properties. First, give your form a name. In this example, I am going to type it randomly.
And then choose a thank you page. Usually I will choose the basic version. If you notice that there is an extra option below the thank you page dropdown menu, you can choose to open your thank you page in a new window. No hard and fast rule, but you can choose not to enable this feature.
Once you’ve done with the settings, click on the ‘Go To Step 3’ button and save your form. And there you go, your sign up form is successfully saved.
Here we come to the final step to create the sign up form, to decide on who will publish the sign up form to your website. As you can see that, there are three options here, ‘I Will Install My Form’, ‘My Web Designer Will Install My Form’, and ‘Have Aweber Host My Form’.
If you choose to install the form by yourself, click on to the button and you will see a Javascript snippet. Copy and paste the code to your squeeze page.
If you need to pass the code to your web designer, click on it and then fill in the email address of your web designer and the message you want to leave for your designer.
And lastly, if you wish to have Aweber to host your page for you, click on the option and you will see a link. That is where Aweber will host your form.
Once you’ve created your sign up form created and saved, you can then move on to configure your sign up form. Hover over to the ‘List Options’ dropdown menu and click on ‘List Settings’.
After that, you will see the basic settings that require you to fill in some basic information. Fill in the necessary information if it doesn’t fill automatically. And then, move on to ‘Personalize Your List’.
You can upload your own logo if you want. But most importantly in this session, you must fill in the ‘Email Signature’. This will be the signature that will appear in the email. When you scroll further down, you will see the ‘Social Media or Sharing’ session, you can connect your Aweber to your social media like Tweeter and Facebook. This is all up to your choice.
Once you’ve done with it, scroll down and click on ‘Save Settings’. Here we come to the last part in the configuration, click on the ‘Confirmed Opt-In’ and wait for it to load.
In this page, you can edit your confirmation message. I, usually will turn off the confirm opt-in option. You can find this option when you scroll down to ‘Require Opt-In’ session. You can leave it on or turn it off. Again, there is no hard and fast rule stating that you must turn it off. But, if you would like to turn it off, you can do it here.
In this case, I am going to leave it off. When you have done with the configuration for this session, scroll down and click on ‘Save Settings’.
And that is all there is to it, thanks for watching.

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