Here’s What The Cast Of American Pie Look Like Today

There are few comedies that have endured in their popularity as much as American Pie. The 1999 R-rated classic spawned a franchise that kept us laughing into the noughties, and even now after the cast reunited in 2012 for American Reunion. We’ve never looked at pies the same way since its release…

Shockingly, when American Pie was first released, it received mixed reviews. It was described a the time as “really awful and “not worthy of guilty pleasure status.” But little did the critics know that one of cinema’s best-loved franchises was about to take off! Whether Jim Levenstein stole your heart on his desperate quest to lose his virginity, or if you had a soft spot for the mischievous Steve Stifler, we all have a favourite American Pie character. The franchise was relatable and that’s what made it so popular. But, what about the cast behind the iconic characters? Are they still as popular as the movie that made them famous? Lets take a look…

1. Jason Biggs – “Jim Levenstein”

Jason Biggs was the stand-out star of the franchise. Nothing ever went right for him in American Pie, but things appear to be going well for Jason Biggs, the man behind the character, who you will recognise from the hit Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black.

2. Chris Klein – “Chris Ostreicher”

Chris Klein certainly hasn’t lost his looks. The actor, who was engaged to Katie Holmes shortly before she married Tom Cruise, is certainly still as handsome as ever!

3. Thomas Ian Nicholas – “Kevin Meyers”

4. Eddie Kaye Thomas – “Paul Finch”

5. Alyson Hannigan – “Michelle Flaherty”

Growing up is hard, and, when you’re in your late teens, there’s a lot of milestones you’re expected to hit. Aside from losing your virginity, most people have indulged in one too many drinks by this point, and American Pie made light of this awkward phrase we’ve all gone through. It doesn’t matter how old we get, we never forget the years we spent at high school. If you’re anything like me, you probably saw some of your own real-life friends in American Pie’s characters. That’s why it’s so nostalgic to watch the movie all these years later.

6. Natasha Lyonne – “Jessica”

7. Tara Reid – “Vicky Lathum”

8. Seann William Scott – “Steve Stifler”

9. Mena Suvari – “Heather”

Now that we are slowly but surely approaching the 2020s (the horror!) the nineties seems like a lifetime ago. However, when you watch American Pie, you’re immediately transported back to that bizarre decade where the Spice Girls ruled and a lot of fashion mistakes were made. A trip down memory lane with the cast of American Pie wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the movie’s soundtrack. Even if you were born in the early nineties like me, you’ll recognise all those classic bands you’ve not listened to in years – like Blink 182 and Fatboy Slim.

10. Shannon Elizabeth – “Nadia”

11. Eugene Levy – “Jim’s Dad”

12. Jennifer Coolidge – “Stifler’s Mom” 

13. Chris Owen – “Chuck Sherman” aka “The Sherminator”

My favourite character was Steve Stifler; Seann William Scott perfectly reprises the role in American Reunion, refusing to let the glory days die. His antics had me splitting my sides as a teen, and they still make me chuckle to this day. Eighteen years since the first movie was released, the cast have certainly grown up, but they’re all still very much recognisable. It’s only fitting to end with a recipe for the most famous movie pie in history…

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