Albino Woman Reviews Rihanna’s Fenty Foundation And Reveals The Honest Truth

When Rihanna announced that she would be releasing her own makeup range, complete with 40 shades of foundation, beauty bloggers across the globe could hardly contain their excitement. However, many were sceptical that the singer could pull off something so inclusive. After all, giant companies within the makeup industry have failed to fulfil such a promise, so could a popstar like Rihanna really promise the perfect product for everyone?

The answer was yes, of course. When has Rihanna ever delivered something that wasn’t a hit? From music, to fashion, to sassy interviews, the Bajan beauty is guaranteed to never disappoint. Which is something these women all discovered when they invested in Fenty Beauty… The groundbreaking beauty range offers a diverse 40 shades, to benefit every complexion. This alone has garnered a great deal of attention, with the range catering for those with deeper skin tones, which are notoriously forgotten by makeup brands. Perfectly pale skin tones are also benefitting from Fenty Beauty, which offers shades pale enough to suit albino skin. It was evident that Rihanna really had thought of everyone when she crafted the critically acclaimed beauty line. And this included Krystal Roberts from Mississippi, who had long been on a quest for the perfect foundation. Robert’s was born with albinism – a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin – which has always made it difficult for her to find a shade that matches her skin flawlessly.  That was until Rihanna introduced Fenty Beauty. “I had a small freak out today…my neck and face finally match each other,” Roberts wrote on Instagram, alongside a photograph of her wearing the miracle foundation. “Didn’t realize I was this light….loving the feeling of the foundation so far tho (sic). Also I’m albino I have no pigment so it be hard to get a nice match…always end up orange. Now, I’m rethinking all those times I went orange,” she wrote, excitedly. Roberts. who wears shade #110, ordered the foundation online after reading reviews to guess her shade. Luckily, it was a perfect match. “It actually means the world that she not only made diverse shades for all women of color, but she brought us all together. When I was in Sephora all the women were doing their swatches and complimenting each other — all skin tones — and giving advice,” Roberts tells PopSugar. However, just when Roberts thought it couldn’t get any better, Rihanna did something to incredible. To add further excitement, Roberts rave review of Fenty Beauty was shared by Rihanna herself via Instagram. Clearly proud of the products she has handcrafted, the singer is sharing her success far and wide. “I felt that me finally being myself was worth it! Those pictures had no filter,” Roberts reacted. “Fenty Beauty reached out to me which was a nice gesture, and I felt the real genuine pride they have for the brand! They know they’re killin’ it!” However, Roberts is not the only person with albinism to rave about Fenty Beauty. Frey Prevett from the UK purchased shade #100, which is the palest in the range, and took to Facebook to share joy at having found the perfect product… “This is the first ever foundation I’ve had that matches the color of my neck!” Frey exclaims on Facebook. “Out of the dozen or so foundations I’ve purchased in the past couple years, only one of them has been wearable at all,” Frey said. “And although a lot of high-end products have lighter shades, it’s frustrating to be expected to pay triple or more what a drugstore foundation would be because there are no shades that match you.” The foundation, which retails at $34, has been so successful that many of the shades are sold out online as people scramble to get their hands on their perfect match. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Fenty Beauty have been confirmed as cruelty-free. No products from the line have been tested on animals, which means it is not available for purchase in China, which requires all beauty products to be tested on animals before being sold for human use (which makes no sense at all…) It seems that Rihanna can do no wrong. Her extremely successful Fenty x Puma fashion line is also looking set to sell out, not only that, but her collaboration with DJ Khaled on the track ‘Wild Thoughts’ has been sitting comfortably at the top of the charts for several weeks now. Business has never looked so “badgal” thanks to Ri-Ri. Although, there is one person who is feeling the burn from Rihanna’s success, and that is Kylie Jenner. The makeup mogul and Instagram star is feeling the threat of Fenty Beauty, and even unfollowed Rihanna on Instagram. Could there be a bitter battle between the two for the title of ‘Queen of Cosmetics’? This video tells you everything you need to know about the alleged feud…

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